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Commercial Door Locks Service

Key Guy Locksmith can secure your commercial property in Aurora, Parker, Centennial and Greenwood Village

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Commercial Door Locks Service in Aurora, Parker, Centennial and Greenwood Village

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Updating or improving the security of your commercial property doesn’t have to be confusing. With the help of the right locksmith around Aurora, Parker, Centennial, and Greenwood Village, you can easily get heavy duty commercial door locks for outbuildings and storage.

You can also rely on Key Guy Locksmith for emergency locksmith needs. Because we are a mobile locksmith, we can meet you at your commercial facility if you need a quick lock change due to lost keys or a lost key card. Should you have an employee termination that puts your facility at risk, our commercial locksmith services can also provide you the support you need quickly.

Highly trained technicians at your service

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Enhance your business’s security with our top-notch commercial locksmith offerings, encompassing a wide spectrum from access control systems to master key solutions.

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Lock technology is constantly changing. If you have a commercial vehicle fleet and need to reprogram a key fob, we can do it! If you need a keyless entry door lock upgraded or reprogrammed, our mobile technicians can meet you at the door 24/7.

Your front doors have a story to tell about the quality of your goods and services. If you have a retail area at the front of your facilities, public access will obviously be necessary. To keep your stock and computers protected, smart locks behind your retail counter may also be helpful.

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Commercial Door Locksmithing Service

Commercial Door Locksmithing Service

We understand that your facility has to be accessible to those who belong there. Whether you need to upgrade your commercial locks because a set of keys has gone missing, or if you need to secure your building with both an external keypad door lock and an internal smart lock, we can help with our emergency locksmith services.

Protecting your commercial facility may take several layers of lock protection. You may need a stout keyed lock for your warehouse. You may need a keypad on the outside of your administrative facility and key card smart locks inside the facility to limit access to certain areas. Because you may need to guard tools, raw materials and proprietary information, your lock requirements may be extensive.

Common Commercial Lock Problems

There are many factors that can impact the security of your commercial facilities, both inside and out. Employees can lose a set of keys. If your warehouse or outbuildings are on a master, one lost set of keys can put costly tools, as well as raw goods and finished products, at risk.

In such cases, changing out keyed locks with smart locks may be the wisest choice. Smart locks can tell you who entered the space and at what time.

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About Key Guy Locksmith

Key Guy Locksmith has a long history of providing 24/7 security support to the citizens around Denver. We can meet you wherever you are with a fully loaded mobile locksmith vehicle. In this way we can easily help you secure your commercial building or vehicles.

Benefits of Commercial Locksmith Service

With the right locks in place, you can easily track who accesses these spaces. You can also limit some spaces. For example, if you have a lab or other restricted place in your facility, you can add smart locks to the entrance to these areas. This provides insurance that people who don’t have clearance simply can’t enter.

These smart locks can be quickly reprogrammed. If an employee doesn’t work out or needs to be restricted, you can quickly alter their key card access to protect your staff and your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial door lock types?

For your building, you can invest in a variety of locks. In addition to a traditional keyed deadbolt, you can update your security to include a keypad that you can open with a personal code. You can also add a smart lock that can be opened with a key card. If your business has vehicles, we can reprogram fobs to secure your fleet in the event of a lost key or a termination.

What are heavy duty commercial door locks?

A heavy duty commercial door lock can include a hearty deadbolt, a rod and slot combination that secures the door at top and bottom, or a push bar. Push bars are tools that work exceptionally well when they’re functioning, but once they start to fail they become dangerous. Cold, damp and wear can all limit the functioning of your push bar door lock. If you notice it’s getting sluggish or simply not reliable, we can replace it.

Can you install and repair commercial storefront door locks?

Yes! If your front door is glass, we can simply replace the deadbolt. If the door also locks at the top and bottom, we’ll make sure that the catches for these locking mechanisms are sound before we replace or upgrade the mechanism. When your front door has been damaged, we can help you replace the lock as soon as the door has been replaced. If a lock on your building has been vandalized so it can no longer accept a key, we can replace the deadbolt so you can get back to work!

What service areas does your mobile commercial locksmith cover?

We cover the Denver metro area and aim to reach your location within 30 minutes of your phone call. We offer 24/7 emergency service to cities including Aurora, Parker, Centennial, and Greenwood Village, as well as the rest of the Denver metro area.

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