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Auto Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

When you find yourself stranded by the roadside in need of a locksmith, you can count on Key Guy Locksmith to come to the rescue with one call.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Auto Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

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There is not much any of us can do about the fact issues arise because of our car locks and keys. If a lock isn’t breaking or malfunctioning, car keys are playing “hide N seek.” To make matters worse, these issues tend to occur at the worst possible times.

If you live in the Aurora area and have issues with your car locks and keys, you are covered. You have access to our top locksmith technicians at Key Guy Locksmith. We are located in your area where we are serving residents with a wide range of mobile locksmith services in the following categories:

Highly trained technicians at your service

House Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We are always available to ensure you have access to enter your home and reliable home locks to ensure you and your family are always safe and secure.

Auto Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We can help minimize the inconvenience and danger associated with problems that involve your car’s locks, keys, ignition, or electronic security system.

Office Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


With our help, there is no need to let your commercial building security features interfere with your ability to keep employees working and customers happy.

Mobile Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


In an emergency, you need a locksmith that is always fast to respond. Our response times are among the best in the Aurora area.

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24/7 Locksmith Services in Aurora

24/7 Locksmith Services in Aurora

Problems that occur due to lock and or key issues can quickly turn into emergencies. Said emergencies can range from missing important appointments to being stranded in a dangerous place. We don’t like the thought of our fellow residents being in difficult circumstances. That’s why we gear our emergency locksmith services for fast responses.

We try hard to treat all calls like emergency calls. When we get a stated emergency call, it’s all hands on deck to respond as fast as possible. Note: Our mobile units are equipped to provide all of our services related to an emergency call.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Locked Out?
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Highly trained technicians at your service

Car Lockout Service in Aurora

Car Lockout Service

On any given day, every auto locksmith in Aurora gets dozens if not hundreds of calls for car lockout service. We can certainly confirm that we get more than our fair share of such calls.

If you lose your keys or lock them in the car, do not despair. We have mobile units located all over the Aurora area to ensure fast responses to customer calls. With no regard for the make and model of your car, our locksmith technicians will have the training and tools they will need to get a door open.

Key Duplication & Programming

If you lose a car key or fob device away from home, it’s going to create quite a quandary. You will need a way to get a duplicate key or a replacement fob device in a hurry.

That’s not a problem for our car locksmiths. Why? Our service units are equipped with raw keys, new fob devices, and the machines or software that are needed for key cutting or fob device programming. These services are available with or without the original key or device.

Key Duplication & Programming in Aurora
We are proud of our standing as one of the top auto locksmith in Aurora.

About Key Guy Locksmith

We are proud of our standing as one of the top auto locksmith in Aurora. It’s a reputation we earned by always putting the customer’s needs first. When we get your call, you are assured of getting affordable services that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

There is not much you can do if your car key gets jammed up or broken in your car’s ignition. What you might not realize is automotive locksmiths are trained to extract keys from ignitions and make ignition repairs when necessary. We can do this. We can also install new ignition systems if that is what’s needed to get you back on the road again.

Ignition Repair & Key Extraction
Emergency and Mobile Locksmith

Emergency and Mobile

Very seldom do we get customer calls that haven’t created an emergency. That’s why our mobile locksmiths are conditioned to treat all service calls as though they are emergency calls. Our goal is to respond to emergencies in less than 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you open a locked car?

Absolutely. Our locksmith technicians have the knowledge, training, and tools they will need to open any house, business, or car door.

Which brand of cars do you serve?

As an equal opportunity car locksmith, we can service all car makes and models.

Can you come on the spot?

Yes. Our service vehicles are strategically located throughout Aurora to ensure fast response times.

Any other question?