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Car Key Copy in Aurora

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Car key copy in Aurora

Our Car Key Copy Service

Aside from our car lockout service and lock replacements, car key cutting is the most common locksmith service request we get. Our customers seem to have this endless need for replacement or duplicate car keys and key fobs. That’s not a problem for us because all of our mobile locksmith units are equipped with the raw materials and key cutting machines that are needed to copy keys quickly and efficiently. No matter where we are in the Denver metro area of Colorado, we can provide our car key cutting or key fob services while you wait.

Highly trained technicians at your service

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Benefits of Copying Your Car Keys

Mobile car key copy service

The need for key cutting can arise for several reasons. If you were to lose your car keys, you would certainly need a replacement key or two. If you have a habit of misplacing your keys, that’s when you can never have enough duplicate keys strategically hidden for easy access. In both cases, having extra keys made proactively could spare you from having to deal with stressful situations. It’s also nice to have a couple of extra car keys available if multiple drivers are using the same car.

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Emergency car key replacement

An Emergency Locksmith You Can Trust

We are well aware that most of the calls we get are coming from customers who are in distress. They are experiencing lock and or key issues that have left them in a precarious situation.

As a reputable automotive locksmith, we feel obligated to protect Denver metro area residents with our emergency roadside services. In Aurora Colorado, we keep our mobile locksmith units strategically located to ensure fast response times throughout the area. Whether it be the urgent need for a lock repair or a car key copy, we can be there in less than 30 minutes, barring unforeseen circumstances.

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Key Guy Locksmith is a proud member of the Aurora, Colorado business community. We have a well-established reputation as a top full-service locksmith. What our customers like most is our outstanding customer service, budget-friendly prices, and a customer satisfaction guarantee that ensures every customer gets that for which they pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to copy car keys?

If you find yourself needing more car keys, there are several places you can go. You can always go visit your favorite car dealership, but you can expect to pay higher prices. The option of visiting a hardware store or retail locksmith store also exists. However, convenience might be a bit of an issue. Your best option will always be taking advantage of the car keys express option offered by Key Guy Locksmith. We’ll come to you and cut all the keys you need while you wait.

Can you make a copy of a car key without the original?

Yes. However, there are a few legal requirements that we need to address before we cut your keys. First, we would need some type of identification documentation and car registration information that shows us who you are and what your legal ties are to the car in question. After that, we would need access to the car’s VIN# so we can get the proper key specs from your car manufacturer.

How to copy car keys?

Should you want to cut keys on your own, you would need to follow one of two processes. If you need a standard metal car key, you would need access to raw key stock and a key-cutting machine. You would place the existing key in the key guide and let the machine automatically cut the new key. If your car is controlled by a fob device, you would need to locate a new device and go through the programming process provided in your driver’s manual. If either of these processes gets too complicated, it would be time to call Key Guy Locksmith and let one of our technicians handle everything on your behalf.

Can you copy a car key without a chip?

If you normally use a transponder key with a chip, you can cut the key portion whether you have a chip or not. However, the resulting key would only be useful if your car can be locked and unlocked manually. In most cases, that is entirely possible as vehicles usually have this option. In cases where the chip is necessary, you would still need to find a replacement chip and then program it to function with your car.

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