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As a lockout locksmith, Key Guy Locksmith understands the helpless feeling that comes with losing your keys or facing malfunctioning locks.
Lost your keys? One of your locks is not working properly? It’s a pretty helpless feeling when you find yourself unexpectedly locked out of your home, business, or car. Before you start to panic, you should give Key Guy Locksmith of Aurora Colorado a call.

We have strategically located mobile locksmith units that are standing by for your call. If you are indeed locked out with no other way in, we’ll be there in 30 minutes or less to get you into your house, business, or car. If locked out, our services are available around the clock no matter where you might be located in the Aurora area.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Residential Locksmith in Aurora Colorado


At home, our residential locksmith services encompass lock repairs, door installation and repair, key replacement, rekeying, and more. Let us help secure your abode and protect your valuable belongings.

Automotive Locksmith in Aurora Colorado


In the automotive realm, we offer key replacement, ignition repair, door unlocking, and more. Count on us for top-notch services executed with utmost precision.

Commercial Locksmith in Aurora Colorado


For businesses, our commercial locksmith services cover everything from lock installation to emergency unlocking and rekeying. Rest assured, your investments will be safeguarded and your premises secured.

Emergency Locksmith in Aurora Colorado


Introducing Key Guy Locksmith, your go-to solution for emergency locksmith services in Aurora, CO. Whether you’re locked out of your car or require urgent lock changes, we’ll swiftly come to your aid.

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Our dedication lies in providing prompt service whenever you require assistance. As an Aurora locksmith, we firmly believe in being available to our community at all times. Our team consists of skilled professionals equipped with the best tools, ensuring exceptional workmanship, swift response, and utmost customer satisfaction. We prioritize your security and peace of mind above all else.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Mustang Vehicle Lockout

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Honda Vehicle Lockout

Locksmith Services in Aurora

24/7 Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

Problems that occur due to lock and or key issues can quickly turn into emergencies. Said emergencies can range from missing important appointments to being stranded in a dangerous place. We don’t like the thought of our fellow residents being in difficult circumstances. That’s why we gear our emergency locksmith services for fast responses.

We try hard to treat all calls like emergency calls. When we get a stated emergency call, it’s all hands on deck to respond as fast as possible. Note: Our mobile units are equipped to provide all of our services related to an emergency call.

Highly trained technicians at your service

House Lockout Service

After a long day at work, you just want to get home, make dinner, and relax with the family. The last thing you’ll want to experience is getting locked out of the house.

If you find yourself on the outside trying to get in, you can solve your problem with one call to Key Guy Locksmith.

We have the ability to respond quickly and get you into your home before you know it. Once you have your foot in your house or apartment, we’ll be glad to cut you new keys or rekey your locks if you feel your home’s security might have been compromised.

Mobile Locksmith in Aurora Colorado
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About Key Guy Locksmith

When you call Key Guy Locksmith, you’ll get a chance to hire a reputable locksmith that has been serving the fine people of Aurora Colorado for years. We have worked hard to be the best by offering great service from well-trained licensed locksmiths. We are confident you’ll appreciate our affordable services that are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Car Lockout Service

Nothing will interrupt a busy day more than getting locked out of the car. It could be particularly troubling if you were to find yourself in an unsafe situation. You can rely on us to respond to your call for help with our emergency roadside locksmith services.

After getting your car door open, we’ll be happy to cut you a replacement car key or secure you a replacement car fob device with programming. We have the ability to offer these services whether you have the original key/fob device or not. We also have the ability to open your trunk if you accidentally left your keys in there.

Business Lockout Service

It’s hard to do business if you can’t open the door for customers or an office for an employee. As a proud member of the Aurora business community, we certainly understand the urgency of getting doors open for business.

If you are locked out of the office or building, we can be there in 30 minutes or less to help you get your busy day started. If a lost key is the source of your problem, you might want to ask us about rekeying the lock in question. It might be the best way to ensure the business’s assets remain safe from unwanted visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lockout locksmith service?

When the keys or missing or you can’t get the door open, you are effectively locked out. Unless you can find an alternative way in, you’ll need someone to help you gain entry. As a lockout locksmith, we are here to make sure you can get access to the home, business, or car in question.

When should I call a lockout locksmith?

She should call the very minute you get that sinking feeling that you won’t be able to gain entry without causing collateral damage to the asset in question.

Are lockout locksmith services available 24/7

Yes, most reputable lockout ocksmith services operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even on holidays. They understand that lock-related emergencies can happen at any time, and they prioritize being available round the clock to assist customers.

Can a locksmith unlock any type of lock?

Yes. We have a wide range of ways we can unlock most types of locks. If by chance we can’t breach a lock, we have other methods to ensure you can resolve your locked out situation.

Any other question?