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Entry Door Locks in Aurora, Colorado

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Entry Door Locks in Aurora, Colorado

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When it’s time to replace or repair a front door lock or exterior door lock, that’s something you might want to delegate to a locksmith professional. Doing so would ensure the work gets done right without any collateral damage occurring.

As a mobile locksmith in Aurora Colorado, we are prepared to answer your call for help. For your edification, here is a list of the services we offer for entry door locks in Aurora Colorado:

  • Lock repair for commercial and house locks
  • Lock replacement or lock installation with new locks
  • Installation of smart entry door locks

These services are available to customers like you as we are serving as a full-service residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, or emergency locksmith in Aurora.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Residential Locksmith


Catering to homeowners and tenants alike, we provide extensive home locksmith services designed to safeguard your dwelling and prioritize its security.

Automotive Locksmith


Proficient in automotive key services, our locksmith team is well-prepared to handle a diverse array of automotive scenarios promptly and effectively.

Commercial Locksmith


Enhance your business’s security with our top-notch commercial locksmith offerings, encompassing a wide spectrum from access control systems to master key solutions.

Emergency Locksmith


Rest easy knowing our round-the-clock emergency locksmith services are at your disposal. Ready to address any situation, and ensuring timely assistance for your needs.

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At Key Guy Locksmith, we are proud of the reputation we have built as one of Aurora’s top full-service locksmiths. We built this reputation on the backs of highly trained locksmith technicians who are always motivated to give the highest quality of service possible.

To ensure you know we mean business when it comes to providing quality services at every call, we stand by the work of our technicians with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. As the customer, you get to decide when the work has been done right.

Highly trained technicians at your service

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Highly trained technicians at your service

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Entry Door Service for Locks in Aurora

Expert Entry Door Service for Locks in Aurora

It’s not a coincidence that our locksmith technicians are among the best in the region. They are all true locksmith experts. Each one of them is licensed, bonded, and insured. They have also gone through a comprehensive training regimen to ensure they can handle any task that a professional locksmith would .

When it comes to dealing with front door locks or exterior door locks, they know exactly what they are doing. They’ll quickly assess what they need to do and perform the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Best Entry Door Locks

In our role as mobile locksmith, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our locksmiths are up-to-date on the latest lock technologies. Commercial building and house lock technology has changed a lot in recent years.

For our valued customers like you, we are always ready to recommend the best entry door locks that are available. From standard house locks to the latest in smart entry door locks, we’ll always be there to provide the solution that will best suit your need for home or building security.

Entry Door Locks in Aurora CO
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About Key Guy Locksmith

For years, Key Guy Locksmith has been an integral part of the local business community. Our role is to ensure residents and business owners can have a high level of security possible for their homes or businesses. We offer our services at prices that are competitive and affordable while ensuring a high quality of service with our full customer satisfaction guarantee.

Need Keyless Entry Door Locks?

Speaking of smart or keyless entry locks, we see a lot of our customers going to this option. Such locks offer a higher level of security than standard locks, plus they offer additional benefits such as:

  • Enables you to lock and unlock your doors remotely via your smartphone
  • Individual passcodes can be assigned and tracked
  • No need to hide keys that could fall into the wrong hands
  • Can be integrated with other smart devices like security cameras
  • Entry options include voice or face recognition and eye-scanning
Keyless Entry Door Locks

Frequently Asked Questions

How do keyless entry locks work?

As the words state, these are locks that can lock and unlock a door without a key. You can access these locks via digital methods such as the use of a keypad, fingerprint verification, eye-scanning, face or voice recognition. Remote access is also an option via the WiFi or Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet. These systems often incorporate encryption technology to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access.

How to change door locks?

While the process might vary based on the type of lock you are changing, most steps are generic. The steps include:

  •  Measure the current lock area to ensure your purchase the right size of lock
  • Secure the door to keep it from moving
  • Remove the old doorknobs and cover plate
  • Unscrew all hardware that is holding the locking mechanism in place
  • Remove the old hardware
  • Install the new lock hardware
  • Install the new doorknobs

How many different types of door locks are there?

The range of locks for doors can range from very simply options to more sophisticated option. You can choose from options like padlocks, deadbolt, cylinder, lever handle, chain, electronic keyless, and smart locks.

What is the best lubricant for door locks?

At Key Guy Locksmith, we would recommend going with a teflon-based lubricant because graphite lubricants tend to gunk up and oil-based lubricants will collect dust and dirt.

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