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Residential Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

When you find yourself locked out of the house or in need of new locks, you owe yourself to call Key Guy Locksmith.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Residential Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

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Your home is your castle. You do everything you can to make sure the home is safe and secure for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, your locks and keys seem to have minds of their own.

When your home’s locks, keys, or security system make things uncomfortable for any reason, we are going to be there to keep you in control. As a residential locksmith in Aurora, we are always ready to come to the rescue when the safety of your family is on the line.

As a full-service mobile locksmith, we can cover you with the following services:

Highly trained technicians at your service

Residential Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We can work together to ensure that your home’s security features are always operational and working to keep the family safe.

Car Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


It’s not fun having access to your car denied because of lock or key problems. Key Guy Locksmith is the answer to automotive access problems.

Commercial Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We stand ready to help keep your business safe from intruders during non-business hours while ensuring your customers can always come aboard when appropriate.

Emergency Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


As responsible residential locksmith in Aurora, we have to be ready to help the city’s residents when lock/key emergencies are threatening their security.

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Locksmith Services in Aurora

24/7 Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

Problems that occur due to lock and or key issues can quickly turn into emergencies. Said emergencies can range from missing important appointments to being stranded in a dangerous place. We don’t like the thought of our fellow residents being in difficult circumstances. That’s why we gear our emergency locksmith services for fast responses.

We try hard to treat all calls like emergency calls. When we get a stated emergency call, it’s all hands on deck to respond as fast as possible. Note: Our mobile units are equipped to provide all of our services related to an emergency call.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Locked Out?
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Highly trained technicians at your service

Home Lockout Service in Aurora

Home Lockout Service

It only takes a moment of distraction to get locked out of your home. Also, it’s not always easy to keep track of your house keys. These are common issues that cause homeowners like you to get locked out of the house.

It’s okay. At Key Guy Locksmith, we are always ready to give you the home lockout service you need. As part of that service, we will always take great care to get a door or window opened without causing any unnecessary collateral damage.

Lock Repair & Installation

If a home lock breaks or malfunctions, your home’s security is immediately compromised. If you have the ability to repair or replace a lock, that’s good. If you don’t, you are going to need a top residential locksmith in Aurora to step up and help. We’ll answer that call. If we can repair a lock, that’s what we will do. If a replacement lock is needed or wanted, we have that on our service menu as well.

Lock Repair & Installation
Home locksmith in Aurora

About Key Guy Locksmith

As part of a very good Aurora business community, we serve proudly to make sure all of the city’s residents and businesses have access to affordable locksmith services. In plying our trade, we work hard to come up with the right solutions and never leave a job unless the customer (you) is satisfied.

Lock Rekeying

After losing your keys or perhaps a break-in, it’s not always necessary to replace home locks. It’s quite possible that we can save you a little money if you allow us to rekey a lock or locks. By rekeying your locks, you will still remove the possibility of someone having your prior keys and being able to gain unwanted access to your home.

Lock Rekeying in Aurora
Emergency and Mobile Locksmith

Emergency and Mobile

To us, an emergency at home indicates you and your family’s welfare might be at risk. That is not acceptable. That’s why we treat all emergency calls with the utmost urgency. We’ll immediately send one of our mobile locksmith units in your direction with the goal of handling your lock/key situation and reestablishing your home’s security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you open a locked house door?

Yes. Our locksmith technicians are trained to bypass almost any lock issue that is denying you access to your home.

Will you damage the door?

No. We take great care to find solutions that don’t include any collateral damage to your home.

Can you change the locks in the house?

Yes. We can offer you a variety of different locks we can use to replace your existing locks.

Any other question?