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Key Fob Replacement in Aurora, CO

If you need a reputable car locksmith in Aurora, you gotta call Key Guy Locksmith.

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Key Fob Replacement

How can we help you?

The last thing you want to experience is a problem related to your car’s fob device. It could be your device will malfunction or perhaps you’ll just misplace it. No matter what has happened, you’ll find yourself stranded until you get the situation resolved.

Key Guy Locksmith can help you resolve any kind of problem related to your fob device. If we can repair an existing device, we would certainly want to do that. That would include providing a key fob battery replacement. If the repair option wasn’t available, we would proceed to secure you a new device. As part of that option, we would program your new device and happily send you on your way.

Highly trained technicians at your service

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Catering to homeowners and tenants alike, we provide extensive home locksmith services designed to safeguard your dwelling and prioritize its security.

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Proficient in automotive key services, our team is well-prepared to handle a diverse array of automotive scenarios promptly and effectively.

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Enhance your business’s security with our top-notch commercial locksmith offerings, encompassing a wide spectrum from access control systems to master key solutions.

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With confidence, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, covering all of our locksmith services. We have confidence because we trust in the ability of our well-trained locksmith technicians to provide quality work on each and every call.

Because of our trust in them, we want you to understand that you can trust us to resolve your locksmith issues, be it related to your car, home, or business. Your money will always be well-spent with Key Guy Locksmith.

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Highly trained technicians at your service

Key Fob Replacement for All Car Brands

Key Fob Replacement for All Car Brands

We take great pride in our expertise related to the replacement of key fob devices. That expertise covers every fob device-controlled car on the road today. Do you have a turn-of-the-century Honda? We have you covered. Do you have a late-model foreign sports car? We have that covered as well. Bottom line: we offer replacement key fobs for all makes and models.

• Ford
• Chevrolet
• Toyota
• Jeep
• Honda
• Subaru

RFID Key Fob Cloning

If you still have your original fob device and want a duplicate, we have you covered. We have access to a full line of fob devices that can be used to make clones.

With a new fob device in hand, we have the software technology that would allow us to duplicate the radio signal that is being used by your original device. The best part is we can usually clone your device in less than an hour.

RFID Key Fob Cloning
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For years, Key Guy Locksmith has been proudly serving the people of Aurora Colorado. We have fantastic response times (30 minutes or less) because we maintain a fleet of mobile locksmith units that are strategically located throughout the city. BTW: Our prices are always fair, competitive, and affordable.

Key Fob Replacement Process

  • Contacting a Dealership or Locksmith: You have two primary options for obtaining a replacement key fob – contacting your vehicle’s dealership or reaching out to a certified locksmith.
  • Verifying Ownership: For security reasons, both dealerships and locksmiths will require proof of ownership before proceeding with a replacement.
  • Programming the New Key Fob: Once ownership is verified, the replacement key fob needs to be programmed to communicate with your vehicle’s system. This process may involve specialized equipment and knowledge.
Key Fob Replacement Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a key fob replacement cost?

It would depend on the availability of a replacement fob, plus the make, model, and year of your car. Here, we can state the price would be affordable.

What is a key fob replacement?

Your fob device is the battery-operated device that opens your car door and trunk. It might also need to be used to start the ignition. If you break or lose one, it would need to be replaced.

What should I do if my key fob is not working?

You can try to fix it yourself but calling a professional locksmith like Key Guy Locksmith makes more sense. We would first try a key fob battery replacement. If that didn’t resolve the problem, we would proceed to replace the device and program it to work with your car’s electronic security system.

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