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Commercial Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

If a lock or key issue is interfering with your ability to run your business or protect your business’s assets, you need to immediately call Key Guy Locksmith.

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Commercial Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

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In a competitive business environment like Aurora’s, your challenge as a business owner/manager is to make sure employees are safe and customers can enter the door. If a lock or key issues crop up, there is a risk it will hurt you ability of your business to be successful. Here is some good news.

Key Guy Locksmith stands as a quality commercial locksmith in Aurora that is always willing to stand by our business brothers and sisters. We do that by offering a full range of commercial locksmith services that are designed to keep all businesses safe, secure, and open for business.

Here is a look at the variety of locksmith services we offer:

Highly trained technicians at your service

Home Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We can work together to ensure that your home’s security features are always operational and working to keep the family safe.

Car Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


All of our staff members have cars and places to be. That makes us experts in ways to make sure drivers don’t get stranded.

Commercial Locksmith in Aurora


We are committed to our role as your “business partner” when it comes to keeping your building’s security features working effectively and efficiently.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado


We have service units somewhere close to your business to ensure we can respond to lock/key emergencies as fast as possible.

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Locksmith Services in Aurora

Commercial Locksmith in Aurora, Colorado

Problems that occur due to lock and or key issues can quickly turn into emergencies. Said emergencies can range from missing important appointments to being stranded in a dangerous place. We don’t like the thought of our fellow residents being in difficult circumstances. That’s why we gear our emergency locksmith services for fast responses.

We try hard to treat all calls like emergency calls. When we get a stated emergency call, it’s all hands on deck to respond as fast as possible. Note: Our mobile units are equipped to provide all of our services related to an emergency call.

Highly trained technicians at your service

Locked Out?
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Highly trained technicians at your service

Office Lockout Service in Aurora

Office Lockout Service

Nothing will slow a company’s momentum more than having a lock or key issue that keeps people out of the building or their offices. When someone gets locked out, it’s likely going to result in lost time, effort, customers, and revenue.

Our locksmith technicians love the challenge of being there as emergency locksmiths to provide our commercial lockout service. When given that chance, it makes them feel good about contributing to the success of your business by getting doors open.

Lock Repair & Installation

As a commercial locksmith in Aurora, we know time is of the essence when an office or building door lock breaks or malfunctions. When handling these calls, our locksmith technicians focus on finding the right solution. If an existing lock can be salvaged, they’ll go in the lock repair direction. Otherwise, they are prepared and equipped to install new locks if and when necessary.

Lock Repair & Installation
Key Guy Locksmith

About Key Guy Locksmith

What we want you to know about Key Guy Locksmith is this. We work hard for the right to be the Aurora business community’s go-to commercial locksmith. Our pledge is to provide quality services at affordable prices, backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Lock Rekeying

Employee turnover is a reality of doing business. With employees coming and going, it’s not always easy to know who might have building and or office keys to gain unauthorized access. To ensure your business doesn’t get unwanted visits from disgruntled employees, it’s a good idea to simply give us a call to rekey a lock or two. Prevention is always better than dealing with consequences.

Lock Rekeying in Aurora
Emergency and Mobile Locksmith

Emergency and Mobile

During business hours, a locksmith emergency means business is getting interrupted. During non-business hours, a locksmith emergency means the company’s assets are at risk. We recognize how important it is to be immediately available to business owners/managers like you. We treat calls for an emergency locksmith seriously with the goal of responding in less than 30 minutes.