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Garage Door Lock Service in Aurora, CO

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Garage Door Lock Service in Aurora, CO

Our Garage Door Lock Service

Against all of your hopes and wishes, there will come a time when that lock on your garage door is going to break or malfunction. When that time comes, are you prepared to deal with the issue on your own? Maybe not?

The truth is you don’t need any expertise to fix or install any kind of lock. You only need to call a professional garage door locksmith like Key Guy Locksmith. As a top Aurora local locksmith in Colorado, we can offer you the following garage door lock service:

  • Garage door lock installation
  • Garage door lock replacement
  • Garage door lock repair

Highly trained technicians at your service

Residential Locksmith in Aurora


Catering to homeowners and tenants alike, we provide extensive home locksmith services designed to safeguard your dwelling and prioritize its security.

Automotive Locksmith in Aurora


Proficient in automotive key services, our mobile locksmith team is well-prepared to handle a diverse array of automotive scenarios promptly and effectively.

Commercial Locksmith in Aurora


Enhance your business’s security with our top-notch commercial locksmith offerings, encompassing a wide spectrum from access control systems to master key solutions.

Emergency Locksmith in Aurora


Rest easy knowing our round-the-clock emergency locksmith services are at your disposal. Ready to address any situation, regardless of its magnitude our locksmiths are here to help you.

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Benefits of Garage Door Locksmith Services

Mobile Garage Door Locksmith Service

It’s quite possible you don’t understand the benefits you would derive by hiring a professional mobile locksmith to deal with issues related to your locks for the garage. To help you better understand, we offer you this list of the potential benefits that could be available to you by hiring Key Guy Locksmith:

  • Emergency locksmith services are available when you need them
  • We always have access to the right garage door hardware and tools
  • The work gets done right the first time
  • We lower the risk of collateral garage door damage during repairs
  • You get access to fast and efficient licensed locksmiths

Highly trained technicians at your service

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Emergency Locksmith in Aurora

Emergency Locksmith in Aurora You Can Trust

We proudly lay claim to being one of the top full-service emergency locksmiths in Aurora Colorado. We have earned this right by consistently providing quality locksmith services in a hurry when an emergency situation arises.

All of our emergency responses are handled by one of our mobile locksmith units. We keep our units strategically located throughout the city to ensure fast response times. By fast response times, we mean 30 minutes or less no matter what time of day the call comes.

If you do call, you can trust we’ll be there to help save the day.

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About Key Guy Locksmith

Key Guy Locksmith has been proudly serving the people of this fine city for years. Our success can be attributed to the efforts of a great team of locksmith technicians. Our well-trained and licensed locksmiths work hard to ensure customers like you get exactly the level of service they deserve. Even better, our prices are affordable, and we are always willing to back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of locks are available for garage doors?

Choosing the right lock is the most important decision you will have to make. You’ll want a lock that is reliable and will always keep your garage secure. After assessing your needs and goals, we might recommend any one of the following types of locks:

  • Slide Lock – secures the garage door to the garage door frame
  • Interior Side Door Bolts – not visible and accessible from outside
  • Deadbolt Locks – another lock option that secures garage door to frams
  • Keyless Entry Locks – difficult to bypass without code or biometrics
  • Mortise Locks – includes special cylinder feature that is hard to bypass
  • Padlock – Affordable solution for small garages without assets inside

How to lock the garage door manually?

If you prefer to manually lock your garage door, you would need to start by disengaging your garage door opener if one exists. Then, you would need to close the garage door and make sure it is properly aligned for maximum security. Once the door is properly aligned, you or your professional Aurora local locksmith can install a manual lock. One of our locksmith technicians can help you find the appropriate garage door hardware. The required tools will likely include a ladder, screwdriver, and perhaps an electric drill. Once the manual lock is installed, it’s on you to make sure the garage door is secure when you want it closed.

Why should I consider installing a lock on my garage door?

There are two ways to answer this question. First, you might be using a garage door opener as your primary garage door security feature. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a little extra protection with the addition of an extra door lock.

Second, if you don’t have a garage door opener, installing a door lock would be your only line of defense against the criminal element. Even if you don’t keep valuable assets in your garage, we would still highly recommend you keep the garage locked at all times.

Do I need to replace my entire garage door to install a lock?

Absolutely not. Locks for garage doors are independent of the garage doors themselves. In fact, the only connection that exists between your garage door and any locking system is your desire to keep your garage secure. If for any reason you might want to replace your garage door, that’s something we would be happy to handle on your behalf.

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